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# Attribute Parameter
1Originmade in UK
3Operating temperature range– 40 to +125°C
4Storage temperature range– 40 to +150°C
5Warrantyhalf year
WESTCODE Gate turn-off thyristor

• Hermetic metal case with ceramic insulator
• Capsule package for double sided cooling
• Shallow design with single sided cooling
• International standard case
• Off-state and reverse voltages up to 1800V

• Inverters for AC motors
• Power supply units for DCmotors
• DC power supply uints for battery chargers
• General purpose DC power supply uints.

More Models:

Symmetrical Types
WG5012R 1200V 500A
WG5025R 2500V 500A
WG6006R 600V 600A
WG6018R 1800V 600A
WG9006R 600V 900A
WG9014R 1400V 900A
WG10026R 2600V 1000A
WG10036R 3600V 1000A
WG10037R 3700V 1000A 
WG10045R 4500V 1000A
WG12008R 800V 1200A
WG12025R 2500V 1200A
WG12026R 2600V 1200A
WG12036R 3600V 1200A
WG12037R 3700V 1200A
WG12045R 4500V 1200A
WG14008R 800V 1400A
WG14025R 2500V 2500A
WG15008R 800V 1500A
WG15025R 2500V 1500A
WG15026R 2600V 1500A
WG15045R 4500V 1500A
WG18008R 800V 1800A
WG18025R 2500V 1800A
WG18026R 2600V 1800A
WG18045R 4500V 1800A

Fast Symmetrical Types
WG5025FR 2500V 500A
WG5012FR 1200V 500A
WG6006FR 600V 600A
WG6018FR 1800V 600A
WG9006FR 600V 900A
WG9014FR 1400V 900A
WG10026FR 2600V 1000A
WG10036FR 3600V 1000A
WG10037FR 3700V 1000A
WG10045FR 4500V 1000A
WG12008FR 800V 1200A
WG12025FR 2500V 1200A
WG12026FR 2600V 1200A
WG12036FR 3600V 1200A
WG12037FR 3700V 1200A
WG12045FR 4500V 1200A
WG14008FR 800V 1400A
WG14025FR 2500V 1400A

Anode Short Types
WG5026S 2600V 500A
WG5045S 4500V 500A
WG7008S 800V 700A
WG7025S 2500V 700A
WG8026S 2600V 800A
WG8045S 4500V 800A
WG8046S 4600V 800A
WG8060S 6000V 800A
WG10008S 800V 1000A
WG10025S 2500V 1000A
WG10026S 2600V 1000A
WG10045S 4500V 1000A
WG15008S 800V 1500A
WG15025S 2500V 1500A
WG15026S 2600V 1500A
WG15045S 4500V 1500A
WG20008S 800V 2000A
WG20025S 2500V 2000A
WG20026S 2600V 2000A
WG20045S 4500V 2000A
WG25008S 800V 2500A
WG25025S 2500V 2500A
WG30008S 800V 3000A
WG30025S 2500V 3000A
WG30026S 2600V 3000A
WG30045S 4500V 3000A



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