B43456-S9508-M11 5000uF 400V M5 epcos Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in stock

B43456-S9508-M11 M5



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# Attribute Parameter
2InstallationScrew Terminal Type
3Operating temperature range– 40 to +85°C
4Capacitance Tolerance±20% at 120Hz, 20°C
5screw terminalsM5
6installationRing clip/ Clamp mounting
EPCOS Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Capacitors with screw terminals

Long-life grade capacitors

• High CV product, i.e. extremely compact
• High reliability and high ripple current capability
• All-welded constructions ensures reliable electrical contact
• Version with optimized construction for base cooling (heat sink mounting) available
• Version with low-inductance design available
• RoHS-compatible

• Charge-discharge proof, polar
• Aluminum case with insulating sleeve
• Poles with screw terminal connections
• Mounting with ring clips, clamps or threaded stud
• The bases of types with threaded stud and d <= 76.9 mm are not insulated, types with d = 91 mm have fully insulated bases

• Frequency converters
• Professional power supplies
• Uninterruptible power supplies

B41876-S9478-M1 4700uF 400V B43456-S9508-M1 5000uf 400v 76.9x143.2mm B43456-S9508-M1 5000uf 400v 89x95mm B43456-S9508-M11 5000uF 400V B43456-S9758-M1 7500uF 400V S+M M6 B43456-U9478-M1 4700uF 400V B43456-U9608-M1 6000uF 400V B43564-S9428-M1 4200uF 400V B43564-S9528-M1 5200uF 400V B43564-S9578-M1 5700uF 400V


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